What to Look For During Winter in Small Mobile Homes

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Small Mobile Homes
Mobile Homes During Winter

Seasonal changes demand certain precautions from the part of the homeowner. The small mobile homes can be turned into a weatherized dwelling unit with timely inspections and replacements. Here is how you can counter the weather easily.

Check for the Vinyl Coating in Side Walls

When weather changes the vinyl walls get exposed fully. The polymers used to make vinyl walls have improved over the last few years. When weather changes from hot to cold, the small prefabricated houses in America will have to take necessary precautions to counter the effects of weather. Here are some steps you can take to restore vinyl coatings on walls:

  • Look for the most affected area
  • Look for gaps if any
  • Purchase new sidings as a replacement

Check the Skirting

You barely notice materials like stone once snow starts to form underneath the siding. Small manufactured homes use vinyl as the skirting material too. Much like the sides, temperature swings causes gaps to develop gradually making inspections a mandatory thing.

Invest on Best Case Snow Clearance

Pipes and other plumbing fixtures are no strangers to the extreme weather. You can hire a professional plumber who would do the necessary checks to ensure problem free drainage and water supply in winter. In addition, take some steps to control the buildup of snow on plumbing and drainage lines.

Seal the Asphalt Roof

Asphalt is certainly waterproof roofing for small mobile homes, but with the climate, it may change. The thing is once winter start to take its effects fully, the shingles may start to loosen. Calling a roof repair technician for inspection might be a good idea, as experts alone could firmly seal the roof shingles in place.

Checking Air Conditioner

To ensure proper working of the air conditioning and HVAC systems, you would have to ensure timely inspections by a certified AC mechanic. This is a very important step especially if you are living in weatherized small mobile homes.

Although some of the other seasons in America are easier to manage for a homeowner, winter poses the most challenges. It is really important to prepare your mobile for winter as it will help increase the life of your small mobile home.