Small Mobile Homes

Top Four Upgrades that Enhance Confined Spaces in Small Mobile Homes

Small Mobile Homes
Enhancing Confined Spaces

Homeowners upgrade tiny houses with convertibles both inside and outside the home to enhance given space. Most people consider a tiny house as a home that is downsized and ranges in between 400 to 1000 square feet. However, a tiny house is essentially a mobile home that is placed on skid foundation or the small mobile homes that are towed on wheels. Below are top four upgrades for small mobile homes that can help you enhance the confined spaces at home.

Balcony cum Garden

If the design of your home is boxy, then place a balcony atop the tiny house and see the difference. Add stair railings on the balcony, and place chairs and furniture to get outdoor views. In addition to that, try placing a floating ladder shelf at the back of the house with access from the outside. For decoration, place a raised bed garden on the mobile home balcony with flowers that grow in shade.

Cabinet Closets cum Bedroom

Dedicated cubicles on the wall cabinet are a common sight in small mobile homes with wooden interiors. Dresses and essentials can be put atop the cabinet’s cubicle, and a bed can be placed below. Put a folding staircase next to the cabinet to access the wardrobe on top. Additionally, the convertible wall cabinets can have storage essentials in the bedroom.

Bar Space at the Home

If guests come over to your tiny house frequently and whine about downsized living, this upgrade helps a great deal. Place a cottage at the back house and an awning window right next to the kitchen countertop. You can receive food through the awning window and serve guests in the cottage converted as a bar space. In addition to that, put some furniture in the cottage to make use of the dining space and bar more cozily.

Sliding Barn Wood Door

One of the missing things on the small mobile homes hallway is the absence of large sized door that slides and gives the home adobes an open feel. Yet, to do this upgrade at home, all you need are two wide sized barn wood doors placed on either side of the hallway’s door space. Barn wood in the tiny house hallway can have headers and trackers that level the door, and convert standard door into one that slides.