Tips for Cleaning the Siding and Skirting of Manufactured Homes

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In manufactured and mobile homes, the sidings and skirting are wall fittings for weatherproofing the home and in enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Commonly made from vinyl, aluminum, and brick, the skirting and siding need constant maintenance and cleaning for ensuring the effectiveness provided by the materials. Doing so will aid in extending the longevity of the siding while also preserving the look of mobile homes for sale. Below are some tips to effectively clean and care for manufactured home siding and skirting.

Vinyl Siding and Skirting

Made from PVC, vinyl siding requires only less maintenance than other materials. Pressure wash is the recommended method for cleaning the siding as it removes all the dust and debris accumulated on the surface. However, using excessive pressure washing on the siding is not necessary when the surface have less dirt. In such a scenario, hand washing is the preferred method since it is gentler and aids in selectively removing dirt that is clinging on to the surface.

Abrasive tools should never be used to clean vinyl siding as they can cause scratches and discoloration of the sensitive vinyl surface. This is applicable on using harsh cleaning chemicals as well. Never use chemicals or solvents for the cleaning, and instead rely on soft detergents and cleaning agents. In addition, it is advised to avoid painting the vinyl siding after cleaning as it can get damaged in the process.

Aluminum Siding and Skirting

Aluminum siding is easier to clean and that makes the process quicker. For cleaning the siding, both pressure wash and manual cleaning are suitable. The washing should always follow from top to bottom for effectively removing the accumulated dirt on the surface. Mix the water with a mild detergent solution, gently scrub the areas, and rinse with water. For removing mildew, a bleaching solution is good whereas a siding wash is better for removing chalk build-ups.

Brick Siding and Skirting

Cleaning brick siding and skirting is also relatively easy like aluminum siding. Yet you need to ensure that you use only mild detergents for cleaning and use them along with gentle scrubbing with a brush, rinsing with water. Many stains can accumulate on the surface of brick siding that requires thorough cleaning.

For vegetable stains and algae, using a fungicide solution is the best way for removing them effectively. Scrubbing with the brush remains an effective way to clear any rust stains on the siding. After that, it is necessary to conduct a regular inspection of the siding and skirting to asses any problems caused by water damage and cracking.