Structural Considerations in Small Mobile Home Remodeling

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If you are planning room addition to your small mobile home, you need to consider the current structural state of the mobile home, before starting the additions. Home remodeling contractors will inspect some of the structural parts of your mobile home to ensure that the home is capable of withstanding the load of the addition. Some of the important inspections that are to be carried out on small mobile homes before room additions are discussed below. Usually, home inspectors start from the ground and move up.

I-Beam Inspection

For this inspection a section of the mobile home skirting need to be removed to get access to under the home. Mobile home inspectors take a few safety measures before this inspection. They will take flashlights, kneepads, gloves, and rodent repellant with them before crawling under the home.

After taking the necessary precautions, a section of the skirting will be removed. The skirting of the home is kept in place with a V-shaped strip on the bottom and a U-shaped strip on the top. The top V-shaped strip will be bent to remove skirting. Now the inspector will get under the mobile home to inspect the I-beam for bents or rusts. If the I-beam is damaged, the home may not sit properly on the supports. Bent I-beams will not be an issue for simple cosmetic renovations of small mobile homes, but they can a big issue when you are considering room additions or other major home remodeling.

Floor Framing Inspection

The floor framing of the home sits on top of the I-beams provided under the home. It is the floor framing that supports the complete structure above it and for this reason, floor framing inspection is very important before considering room additions. If the framing is broken or cracked, it should be repaired before starting the remodeling. In addition, the home inspector will also check the floor framing for moisture damages.

If there are any moisture damages to the floor framing, it means that moisture is leaking somewhere. If the floor framing below the water heater, bathtub or sink is rotten, it means that there some leak in the plumbing, which needs to be fixed fast. These issues should be added to the list of critical issues that need to be fixed before starting the room addition project.