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How to Redesign Bathrooms of Small Mobile Homes

Small Mobile Homes
Redesign Bathrooms In Small Mobile Homes

When you bought your mobile home, you may have opted to install some upgrades to it to customize the home. However, the home still probably resembles a factory model home. One simple and easy way to offer a personalized feel to small mobile homes is to redesign the bathroom area of the home. This can help make your mobile home feel like a site built home. You can consider the below mentioned ideas to redesign the bathroom area of your mobile home.


Adding personalized items to the décor of the mobile home will help you to customize the look of the home to an extent where you can avoid a complete remodel. You can use framed photos and other art works to decorate the walls of the bathroom. You may also go some attractive fittings like mirrors and towel holders to transform the bathroom space easily.


This is the most obvious way to redesign the bathroom of your mobile home. You can use paint of a different color to add character to it. You can request for individual colors at almost all home improvement stores. Some of these stores also offer specialized paint to be used in bathrooms. You can go for them if you are able to find the color of your choice in this category of paint.

Plastic Tile

Plastic tile can be bought in large batches from home improvement stores and it is an economic option to transform the image of the bathroom. The best part of using tiles is that you can add a pattern or design of your choice as an alternative to single color tiles. In addition, you can get plastic tiles at cheap rates from hardware stores.

Wall Paper

Sticking wallpapers is yet another great idea to transform the bathroom area of small mobile homes. If you are able to find an interesting pattern, you may paper the bathroom wall the same way you would do in a living room or a lounge. Ensure that you use specialized adhesive to stick the wallpaper to prevent it from peeling because of condensation.

These are some of the simple and easy ways to offer a facelift to the bathroom of small mobile homes. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to uplift the appeal as well as functionality of your manufactured or mobile home.