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How to Maintain Roof of Small Mobile Homes

Small Mobile Homes
Mobile Home Roof Maintenance

Just like any other type of home roofing, mobile home roofing also needs timely maintenance and repairs. We all know that most of the mobile home roofs are made of metal, usually aluminum. Ensuring that the roof of the mobile home is not rusting and that all the holes are covered is a great way to maintain the roofing and to get the most out of the home roofing. Explained below are a few easy steps to maintain mobile home roofing.

Clean the Roof

With metal roofing, it is important to keep the paint coat fresh and keep away dust and dirt from the roofing. This will help avoid rusting of the roof. You can use a ladder to climb up the roof of the home and clean the roof with a scrub brush. You may use mixture of water and bleach to clean the roof thoroughly before starting any maintenance steps. However, make sure that you clean all areas of the roofing.

Cover Holes

The next thing is to find out holes that are large and need to be fixed by protective coating. You can use a piece of sheet metal to cover the holes properly, but make sure that you use gloves while working with sheet metal as the edges can be sharp. You can use silicon caulking to attach the sheet metal to the rest of the roofing.

Apply Roof Coating

You can get roof coating for aluminum roofing from a local home improvement store. Follow the instructions clearly and apply the coating to the complete roof with a brush. It is really important to apply roof coating if you have used caulk and sheet metal to patch a large hole, as this will offer extra protection to the patched area. In addition, roof coating can help seal small holes and potential leaks.

Apply Paint

The final step is to paint the roofing. This should be done after finishing all the repair works on the roof; you also need to make sure that the roof coating that you have applied in the above step has dried thoroughly before applying the paint. You can find a paint that can be used on aluminum or metal roofing as this can offer improved protection to the roof. Roof coating and paint can help keep away rust from forming on the metal roof.