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How to Install Ceramic Tiles in Small Mobile Houses

Small Mobile Houses
Ceramic Tiles Installation

Ceramic tile is an ideal choice for the floors of small mobile homes because they can resist wear and are comparatively a lot easier to install when compared to other types of tiles. In addition to that, ceramic tiles can also add instant value to small mobile houses and would help you bag a good deal when putting up your mobile home for sale. Below is how to install ceramic tiles in small mobile houses.

Step 1

Start the process by ripping off the old floor cover of small mobile houses and thoroughly check the sub flooring for water damage and other issues. If there are any staples left behind, use a pair pliers and carefully remove them. You should also remove the trim around the bottom of the walls.

Step 2

Use a vacuum and broom to remove the debris and dust from the floor. If you identify any water damages, replace the damaged sub floor with a new one. Note that you need to use a level to ensure that the floor of your home is properly leveled before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3

Using a ¼-inch cement backer board to cover the area will protect the floor under the tile from moisture attack. Horizontally place the board in sheets and screw it to the floor by using an adequate number of screws.

Step 4

Start to lay off your new tiles from one far corner of the room and slowly work toward the door. Doing a test dry run without mortar or glue with help you to see how the patterns will work.

Step 5

Now you can start gluing the tiles in place. Pick up each one of the tiles and cover their back with mortar or glue. Try not to apply too much glue on the tiles, as it will gradually squirt out from the sides. Press the tiles firmly to ensure they are correctly placed.

Step 6

Head back to the far corner of your room and measure the tiles along the walls for cuts. Mark your measurements on the tile and seek the help of a wet saw for cutting the tiles around the mark.

Step 7

Mix the grout in a bucket and dip them on the tiles. Now, use a rubber float and carefully spread it out to other tiles. Ensure that each one of the tiles has grout down in between the openings before moving to the last step.

Step 8

Find a large sponge and dip it in water for a couple of minutes. Take it out and clean the grout from one corner to another. Continue to do this until you have completely cleaned the room. Now, leave the tiles undisturbed for drying.