5 Common Mobile Home Renovation Ideas

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Mobile Home Renovation Ideas

Many mobile homeowners prefer to renovate or remodel their mobile homes after living a few years in. Of course, remodeling will bring a fresh look to your old mobile home and it certainly is an affordable alternative to buying new mobile homes for sale.

Updating your old mobile home will also help you to increase the value of these factory-built structures. However, many homeowners have no idea on how to renovate their mobile homes. If you are such a person, then here are a few simple mobile home renovation ideas that will transform your old mobile home into a fresh and elegant housing structure.

Add a Screened-in Porch

If there is enough space in your mobile home to add a screened-in porch, then adding one is certainly an excellent mobile home renovation idea. These porches provide new living space to your mobile home and also offer a place for you to host outdoor events and parties.

Remove Walls

One of the major advantages of factory-built mobile homes is that there are usually no load-bearing beams or walls on these structures. This means that you can easily remove walls from the structure to acquire a little bit more extra space in your mobile home. In addition to that, remodeling the interior of your mobile home by removing the walls will also help to bring a fresh look to your home.

Update the Fixtures

Replacing the fixtures of your mobile home such as the handles, faucets, and doorknobs will also bring a new style to your mobile home. However, you will have to ensure whether these fixtures suit with your mobile home design before incorporating them into the structure.

Confront Ceiling Issues

If there are any roof drainage problems or ceiling issues, then you will have to initially deal with them before making any other renovations. We highly recommend you to remove the stains from your mobile home, as it will instantly brighten the area.

Re-Do Wood Paneling

Painting the wood paneling of your mobile home with an attractive color will give a stylish look to the house. In addition to that, you could also make a few inexpensive fixes to your wood panel, even without removing it.