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Small Mobile Homes
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One can safely create a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) provided a mobile home is available. The conventional material used on small mobile homes make them heavier than an RV. Having said that, THOW can cover long distances once tongued to the trailer. Below is how you could tow up, and roll the THOW on to the roads.

Tiny House can be Weighed Empty or after Load

The easiest way to measure the weight of a tiny mobile home is to look into the construction papers. Once completely emptied, the dwelling’s adobe would give you the same weight registered in the state motor vehicles’ department. On an average, a tiny house weighs in between 8,000 to 10,000 lbs once fully loaded with personal belongings.

THOW Uses the Safe Trailers

The trailer weight cannot be assumed. If, say, your tiny house is 8,000 lbs, the trailer should be able to carry the towed Tiny House on Wheels. Even in the trailer, there are many weight measurements such as the weight of axles, tires, chains, tongue, and jack. These particular portions of a trailer have certain weight ratings certified to be safe for driving.

Movers and Packers Drives Carefully

Trailers have permits to transport the THOW from factory to site, place to place. The house can be built using a lightweight material as well, not based on size, to aid transportation. The vehicle department has stipulated certain rules, some applicable for the moving company. Nobody likes to have accidents at home, not in between transit at least.

Towed Tiny Houses Move Swiftly

You don’t have to be specialized in automobiles to tow your home. The certified highway trailers scale the weight before transit and follow their own rules to perfection. These trailers employ attendants to get the home moving swiftly on the road. They equalize weight between the trailer and the Tiny House on Wheels using tongues.

Trailer Tongues are Weighty

Using the certifications, tongue weight can also be calculated manually. Certified weighing scales are specifically mentioned for all parts of the trailer. The movers consider the total weight to get a THOW moving. The trailer tongues are weighty, but it helps to hold the transit intact.