5 Simple Tips for Decorating Small Mobile Homes

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Small mobile homes are one of the most affordable housing choices available to American citizens. They are convenient, comfortable, sustainable, and environment-friendly, which are a few reasons why many homeowners choose this housing option over conventional site-built homes. So, if you happen to buy a new mobile home for you and your family to live […]

Repairing your Mobile Home Interiors

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Mobile homes are the recent trend in the housing market and offer many benefits like affordability, quicker construction, and customization options for the homeowner. However, that does not necessarily mean that they are free from any maintenance or repairs. The easily assembled building features and the simple construction involved makes them particularly exposed to many […]

Simple Tricks to Make the Low Ceiling of your Home Appear Taller

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Many mobile homeowners consider low ceilings as a design burden. For several years, most of the small mobile homes were built with seven-foot sidewalls. Even though these mobile homes had cathedral ceilings, homeowners were often stuck with low ceilings in their bathrooms and bedrooms. Mobile homebuilders normally use paneling with vertical lines in order to […]