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What is a Lonnie Deal and how it can help in Buying Mobile Homes

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Affordable Lonnie Deals

A Lonnie Deal involves buying towed mobile homes from park owners. Trailer trade tenets prompt owners to keep used mobile homes for sale placard in trailer parks. A veteran in Virginia, Lonnie Scruggs, is experienced in trading and financing used mobile homes and most can be found in trailer parks only. Below are some ways in which you can bag affordable Lonnie Deals for a ransom price.

Combine Technology with Instincts

Ask people around a trailer park community for contacts of park owners. This is a simple trick in the bag and is opted only when an occupant is vying for money. Yet, parks house signboards and placards offering a used towed home for an affordable price in American suburbs. To find such home parks in your surrounding area, you can use the Google Maps and contact them quickly.

Approach the Dealers or Movers

New buyers try this trick, as dealers tend to take old mobile homes in exchange for a new one. It is the dealers, who receive your towed homes and move it to a lot or to park, then resell the same to park owners for a discounted price in Lonnie Deals. However, if you approach dealers before they move the trailer to a park, you would end up getting the discount that park owners may get.

Same way, you could also seek the help of a moving company who helps to move a mobile home to trailer parks. It is said that at the time of vacating the park, movers get freebies and buyers can grab the best deal.

Try More Legit Ways to Buy

Some local lenders offer finance for buying old dwellings including a trailer. Try contacting a bank to see if they have contacts of dealers or are liquidating used mobile homes for sale at a ransom price. Do remember that indigenous lenders and banks are responsible for receiving lot rent as long as trailers exist in a trailer park. You can even go to the sales tax office in your region to see if they have mobile homes on the list.

Remember, sales tax is not due, if you purchased an old manufactured home with land, since taxes are paid previously. It would seem that is the best way to ensure a perfect deal for your money’s worth.