Steps to Replace Doors of Mobile Homes

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You can always count on the repairman to provide the finishing touches to the mobile home you owned recently. With such portable living units, one might want to do that on their own and cut down service costs. Big time door replacements are often warranted, and you may contact the mobile home manufacturer when the home starts to make some noises.

Measure all the Dimensions

Every hinged mobile home door has different dimensions and this applies even to the screws and the holes. Taking an overall measurement of the door would help you know what types of supplies are needed when buying fresh. Would the industry standards provide you with doors that are similar to the one you owned?

Settle on the Best Home Door

The perfect doors won’t fall from the skies like comets. Most doors are standardized and may not be in sync with the hinges of your previous door. There are two options to fix the new door in place of the old: Either cut the door to the proper sizes or increase the door opening to accommodate the new one.

Clear all the Mind Clutters

Most mobile homes are constructed with metal sheets on the outside and Styrofoam core on the inside. Having said that, removing the deck from the base may turn out to be a tough task if the bottom screws are not accessible. To reduce potential injuries you should clear all the clutters in your mind, and act accordingly.

Remove the Door Hinges for Replacement

You may need to apply gentle pressure to completely take off the door, after loosening the screws of the hinges. The hinges join the door with sidewalls; and applying more pressure may result in injury. When in doubt, get the services of a carpenter to proceed ahead.

Place the Door Using Putty Tape

You could simply apply the putty tape to the edges of the new home door and fix it in place with screws. Instead of forcing the door into the framework, try and keep it as straight as possible for the putty tape to take the full effect. The placement should be as such that it ensures easy in and out movements.

Once the placement is done, one should dare loosen the screws at any given point. To give an additional security you may even use the Deadbolt lock.