Should you Have a Mobile Home Insurance

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Mobile Home Insurance

A mobile home gets registered under the department of motor vehicles in America and so do commercial vehicles. The term is not quite “home insurance” per se as the mobile homes can be towed on wheels. However, an insurer tends to define a manufactured home as a “dwelling constructed in controlled factory environs and built to the federal building codes.” In fact, the same definition would deem fit for selling purposes. The trailer park, on the other hand, highlights the liability coverage as the main aspect of an insurance policy.

The liability coverage would protect the occupants in three aspects:

  • Court Fees
  • Legal Expenses
  • Settlement Fee

Worry not. This is taken to preempt the cases of someone getting injured in your property. The liability coverage won’t cover the personal injury claim that you are liable to answer for self. However, the personal property coverage works wonders for the mobile home occupant and the manufactured home for sale.

Suppose an average occupant keeps $10, 000 in personal belongings such as a kitchen appliance, the personal insurance policy would cover those. Apart from the kitchen appliance, the personal coverage also covers furniture, fittings, and electronics.

An insurer would help you resume normal lives inside the mobile home, no matter what happens in the immediate future. Apparently, there is also the natural calamity coverage in the home insurance policy. It is said that 50 miles per hour wind gust would cause potential damages to an uninsured manufactured home in transit. In a coastal area, the occupants shall avail calamity coverage to safeguard an investment. Of course, no one knows when a hailstorm arrives or a tornado storms through a coastal area.

In fact, the natural disaster policy also covers the vested interests of a builder in the below ways:

  • Protection from fire
  • Wind gusts
  • Hailstorms
  • Flood
  • Thunder and lightening

However, certain calamities are not covered under the standard policies of a home insurer. Further, an occupant shall insure their manufactured home after consulting with an insurance agent. Note that the mobile home prices don’t take the home insurance coverage into the equation at all. In fact, the mobile homes for sale have a quoted price tagged excluding the insurance amount, and availing mobile home insurance is left to the personal discretion of the owner.