Putting New Flooring in your Mobile Home

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As convenient and lovely as living in a mobile home can be, it is still a home. That means one thing you cannot afford to ignore for too long: the place needs to be taken care of. One matter you may have to deal with eventually is broken flooring, especially if you have been facing the additional problem of a water leak.

If you have come across a soft spot or bowing somewhere, it is smarter to eliminate the bother by fixing it then and there. Leaving it as it is can mean inviting damage to the joists or walls. The best part is, you do not need specialty tools to work this right, but that said, it is still somewhat tedious because the floor is a major part of the home. You will need to religiously avoid joists, pipes, and wires, especially in the bathroom area.

Take out the Trim and Floor Covering

If you have carpeting, take out the strips. Vinyl might require cutting around the corners of the room and then ripping up the tile. Either way, the exercise helps with locating the source of any leak-induced damage.

Remove the Sub-Floor

This will need to be done around the perimeter of the room. Take a circular saw, set it to the sub-floor, and move around the edge of the room. Do not let the saw touch any beams. The sub-flooring will need to be taken out from between the joists too, and in some areas, you will need to cut out small pieces of it to get it out of the way.

Place the sawing action between the joists and take out the sub-flooring pieces. With the sub-flooring out of the way, have a gander at the joists. On seeing any damage, place an extra 2×4 to reinforce.

Lay the New Sub-Flooring

Do this along the same direction as the previously laid sub-flooring, and opposite to where the joists are facing. Cut the plywood to size based on the room’s width. Around the perimeter, fix, nail and glue extra 2 x 4’s, so you get a lip for the new sub-floor.

For each seam and at the place where plywood meet, reinforce. Add 2 x 4’s to support that. Keep the floor level. When done, choose vinyl or tile for the bathroom, and any of a wide variety of materials for other rooms.