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How to Get Rid of Insects from Small Mobile Homes

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Get Rid of Insects

Insects usually come out in large numbers during the heated summer season and keeping them out of small mobile homes can be a little bit difficult for homeowners. It is true that flies are the most tedious to deal with because they invade the kitchen of our home, interrupt barbecues, and even deprive us of a peaceful sleep. However, many homeowners in the country claim that the costly sticky flytraps sold at online stores hardly catch flies and other insects. So, if you are not planning to invest in any types of flytraps, below are a few efficient homemade tricks for getting rid of flies and insects from small mobile homes.

Fruit Fly Traps with Soda Bottles

Cut off the top portion of the soda bottles with a pair of scissors and place the removed top of the bottle upside down and inside the other pieces in a way that the edges meet with one another. Now, use a few pieces of clear tape for holding the top piece in position. Fill one-fifth of the bottle with water and then add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to lure in the fruit flies. Now, pour a drop of liquid dish soap and place the trap in your kitchen.

Use Cloves

One of the best and most simplest deterrents for house flies are certainly cloves. So, put a batch of cloves in a cotton bag and hang it near the doors and windows of your manufactured home. However, cloves can also be easily poked into a whole apple for keeping houseflies away. The juices of the apple release the odor of cloves, which draws away flies from them. Stick at least 20 cloves into an apple to distract houseflies away from it.

Mixture of Cornmeal and Molasses

It is a widely known fact that outdoor flies get easily attracted to the smell of food and the grilled meat on your barbecue. This means that if there are outdoor flies around your home, then barbecuing can be a pretty difficult task. So, prepare a mixture of cornmeal and molasses in a small bowl and add honey or maple syrup to it. Now, place the trap at the corners of your deck or porch in order to draw in the outdoor flies.