Five Precautions to Ensure the Viability of Mobile Home Assembly

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Mobile Home Assembly

Keeping a site ready is essential for a manufactured home that is bound to get site assembled in a thirty days’ time. However, federally governed regulations vary from one state to the other with respect to permit fees, sewage and other utility connections, and zonal regulations. So, to quickly assemble the mobile dwelling, you must get in touch with a regulatory body in your area. Below precautions would ensure that mobile homes for sale are viable for you.

Initial Property Survey

Pay a visit to the proposed property and see to it yourself that the condition of soil, the fences in the neighborhood, and other minute things, such as the distance between electricity lines to the center of property, is satisfactory. If you are planning to place the manufactured home in a community park, visit the park owners and get to know where you can tow the home.

Getting Permits Beforehand

Although the permits of federal governance vary by zones, most zones mandate a building permit, transportation permit, and occupancy permit in manufactured housing. Clearing the permits weeks before the proposed date of final assembly is a necessity to make the project viable, and one cannot get utility connects without it.

Laying Down Foundation

Usually, all of the mobile homes for sale have temporary foundation, and where some contractors use concrete slabs, others employ a pier foundation. The slab should be laid out before you move out the ninety percent manufactured modules to the property so that concrete is dried out in time. Note that most mobile homes for sale are assembled in a climate-controlled factory and get placed outdoors.

Planning the Transportation

The trailers that carry the mobile homes for sale to buyers’ realm must be legally bound to transport yours. In fact, you only have to pay the moving company and they should be responsible to obtain the permits for transportation. The moving company also notifies the buyer regarding the amount of time they may take to get transport permits.

Placing a Canopy for Shade

The awning shall be attached to the roof after all the approvals and permits are done and dusted with on time. The canopy having rain gutters would help you harvest water during rainy seasons in particular. Remember, mobile homes for sale evade adverse weather in the factory setting and tackle weather only after the final assembly.