Factors to Consider Before Replacing Your Mobile Home Water Heater

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Replacing the water heaters of small mobile homes is a quite complicated and risky process, which is the reason why manufactured homebuilders advise their customers to seek help of a professional repair technician to do the job properly. However, if you are going to replace the water heater of your mobile home on your own, you need to know a few facts about mobile home water heaters before proceeding.

Mobile home water heaters are available in different shapes and sizes, which means that you will have to measure the space that is available for placing a new water heater as the first step. In addition, you will also have to select the right type of water heater for your mobile home. Here are a few factors that you should consider before buying a mobile home water heater.

Check for HUD Approval

Water heaters that are approved for use in manufactured houses will usually contain an H.U.D. safety approval. So, make sure to check whether the water heater you select has safety approval. If it isn’t H.U.D approved, using it inside your mobile home will be illegal.

In addition, using a water heater that lacks H.U.D. safety approval will have a negative impact on the manufacturer’s warranty of the home. Moreover, your insurance company may even terminate your coverage or refuse to pay the claim on issues and accidents caused due to use of non-HUD approved water heater in your mobile home.

Find the Right Water Heater

Make sure to select a replacement water heater that is exactly similar to the old one. If you select a different type of water heater, you will probably have to pay the additional cost of converting it to fit properly in the place of the old one. However, it will be better to understand that converting is not possible in so e of the instances. For example, the old electric panel might not be able to support the new electric water heater in some cases, which means that you will be forced to use gas to heat water, thereby increasing the costs.


The location of your mobile home water heater is another important thing to consider before buying a replacement one. If your mobile home water heater is located outside the house with zero outside access, you will certainly need a sealed combustion gas water heater. Not using this type of water heater where it is required, is dangerous and against the law. In addition, you might not be able to acquire coverage from your insurance company if you do so.