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Cheap Mobile Homes are Utilitarian Dwellings

Mobile Homes for Sale
Cheap Mobile Homes

Designer ideas for homes are infinite. The following design concepts were originally conceived in small houses, now implemented in the mobile home industry. They give storage ideas for the homeowners, in turn, building concepts that boost the viability of cheap mobile homes for sale.

Using Sliding Doors as Pocket Doors

Hinged sliding doors are used in mobile home kitchen and master bedroom. These doors do not consume the space which swing door tends to. They are made of the barn, used as small pocket doors in a small house.

Coat Racks as Deck Storage

These storage systems are used in small houses to maximize every inch mentioned in the floor plan. In a mobile home, the storage systems are cornered racks having dual decks both above and below.

Doorless Area in a Kitchen Cabinet

Doorless areas in a kitchen cabinet can be used to store anything. You could place any household item in this empty space such as a bottle or a pack of cornflakes, and place it on top of the kitchen hob.

Up-to-the-Ceilings Storage Concept

The storage concept was first implemented in small homes, later tried by builders on mobile houses. Ceilings let homeowners store all they want by keep sidewalls to bare-minimum. You can fit all your dishes and furniture together using this storage concept.

Transparent Glass in Between Living Rooms and Hallways

Transparent glass could be placed in between hallways and living rooms to manifest a certain visual ambiance. The glass trespasses light through living rooms, make the home seem bigger in size and create wide-open spaces.

Using Cutting Board and Dining Nooks Saves Space

An inbuilt cutting board cum dining nook can be used as a dual counter in the playing room. They serve two purposes in actual with one of them being the counter and the other being the party area.

Open Floor Plans in the Entrance Hall

An open floor plan provides space to your cheap mobile homes for sale. This type of floor plan uses lighter modules and trespasses light into the entrance hall. Use giant windows there that can be enclosed from both inside the home and outside.

The Utilitarian Room

Utility rooms, in particular, use the space to store handicrafts, laundry, kitchen accessory, or anything utilitarian inside cheap mobile homes for sale.