Steps to Add a Deck to Small Mobile Homes

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Decks are some of the best exterior additions available for small mobile homes. As most of the manufactured houses are purchased from cheap mobile homes for sale deals, they clearly lack the addition of decks and other exterior features. Adding a deck to the mobile home, however, is a great way to enjoy spending time outdoors for all sorts of purposes, be it recreation or cooking. Moreover, the addition of a deck will significantly enhance the overall look of a mobile home.

Installing the deck is a relatively easier process if carried out using proper planning. Described below are the vital steps to follow while adding a deck in small mobile homes.

Verifying Deck Surface

The first step while installing deck to pre manufactured homes is to clean the deck surface and the exterior wall. The surfaces of the deck and walls may contain any molds, grease, and other debris like wood fragments. Cleaning them will effectively remove them from the surface that will prevent further damages to the materials over time. In addition, make sure that the surfaces are completely dried before installing the deck.

Measuring and Cutting the Ledger Board

While installing a deck, it is important to fix the ledger board to the side of the home using bolts. After that, take accurate measurements of the spaces under the door and use it to cut the ledger board. Before bolting it, carry out a mock fitting of the board to determine whether it fits correctly. Leave a little amount of space between the home and the deck for effectively diverting snow and rain. For attaching the ledger board to the home, it is better to use galvanized fasteners.

Fastening the Ledger Board

While attaching the ledger board, make sure to use a flat bar for straightening the ledger boards. Before affixing the board, drill slots into it as well as to the sheathing of the house. For attaching the ledger board, use two lag screws along each of the pairs of joists and caulk the holes effectively to shield from moisture buildup.

Weather Proofing and Finishing

In all the gaps, use silicone caulk to seal them from weather elements. This must be done across the entire surface of the deck such as nail slots, joints, and ends. Another great way to weatherproof the ledger board is by using galvanized metal Z-flashing. After this cut out any extra surfaces of the board that protrudes out. Properly sand the areas and apply sealants to all the unsealed gaps.