Repairing your Mobile Home Interiors

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Repair Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are the recent trend in the housing market and offer many benefits like affordability, quicker construction, and customization options for the homeowner. However, that does not necessarily mean that they are free from any maintenance or repairs. The easily assembled building features and the simple construction involved makes them particularly exposed to many kinds of repairs, both internal and external.

Interior repairs are the most commonly ones and are found in almost all the aspects of the mobile home interior. A good knowledge of many of these common interior repairs is necessary for any mobile homeowner. The following are some of the common mobile home interior repairs and means to fix them.


Roofing remains one of the most common sources of repair in mobile homes. It is caused by any holes or falling branches that creates significant damage to the roofs. It will allow the seepage of water into the interior of the home, causing moisture buildup that could lead to many other damages to the house.

Fixing all such roofing problems involves removing and replacing the damaged shingles with new ones. Using roofing cement for re-tarring the damaged area is another way without replacing the roofing. Once this is solved, the replacement of any damaged insulation and ceiling panels can be done easily.


Walls are other major sources of repairs in most mobile homes. It is caused by many factors, the common ones being open windows and leaks in them. It allows water to seep into the interior spaces between the walls cavities, which if unattended for a certain period, will lead to mold formation and rotten wooded wall studs.

This will eventually weaken the entire wall structure, and it could even lead to a collapse. The commonly opted repairs for such issues are through patches or by removing and replacing the entire wall sections.


Flooring in mobile homes are prone to many repairs caused by breakages or holes in the surface. For repairing holes in the floor, covering with a matching material like plywood of the same thickness is the best way. Unleveled floors are also common in some mobile homes and require the supervision and expertise of an experienced contractor.


Any damages to the plumbing system can cause considerable damage to the interior of mobile homes. This includes overflows or leaks of pipes concealed inside the walls that cause substantial damage to the materials beyond repairs. Checking all the aspects of plumbing before buying a mobile home is the best way to avoid any such issues.