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How to Install Cork Flooring in Mobile Homes

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Installing Cork Flooring

Cork is a great flooring option for mobile homes as it is environment friendly and resilient. This option is often times cheaper than the other sustainable flooring options like bamboo and is comparable in costs to the traditional hardwood flooring. Cork is scratch resistant, and is good at absorbing sound and impacts. The steps to install cork flooring in mobile homes are discussed below.

Clean Subfloor

To start with, you will need to prepare and level the subfloor. After that, make sure that subfloor is moisture free and properly cured. This is important to have proper adhesion of the flooring materials. You need to clean the surface thoroughly to remove all wax, paint, and grit from it. If your mobile home does not have a subfloor and you are planning to install the cork flooring over the existing wooden floor, you will need to use a varnish or paint remover and then scrub the flooring with trisodium phosphate.

Prepare Flooring

The next step is to level the floor and fill all the gaps and cracks. After filling the gaps with putty, sand the surface to make it uniform as this will help to have a proper bonding. If you are planning to install the cork flooring on smooth surface like vinyl, you will need to make the surface rough to have a good bonding. If you are planning to have a plywood covering, make sure that you anchor the plywood securely as this will help avoid poor floor performance.

Allow Time to Cure

After doing the above steps, you need to allow time for the flooring to cure properly. This will usually take about a day and after that, you can start to lay the cork flooring. You will need to follow the instructions provided in the manual for the proper application of adhesives and make sure that you are using the correct adhesives and trowels. In addition, ensure that you are applying adhesives in the required quantities; else, the flooring may not last for long.

These are the simple steps to install cork flooring in mobile homes. After the installation, you need to remove any excess adhesive with a mineral spirit and damp clothing. Additionally, make that the traffic to this area is restricted for at least twenty hours.